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Boundaries (ENG)

Posted on jan 16, 2018

Mental and emotional boundaries When energy issues are prevalent from childhood there can be a sense of overwhelm with life. The world is perceived as ‘much’ or ‘difficult’ and there is a lot of insecurity about how to navigate through it. The world feels like something that can easily hurt you and there is a constant sense of vulnerability. Whatever the cause, it usually results in a lack of mental and emotional boundaries.  People with strong boundaries understand that you yourself determine that you’re good enough. You realise you would become an emotional mess if you take...

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Pleasing (ENG)

Posted on jul 13, 2017

At the moment I’m reading a book about people pleasing. Very interesting as many people, including myself, have troubles with uncomfortable feelings such as anger and criticism from other persons, but also to be in conflict or disagreement with another person. Avoiding conflict and disagreement out of fear for feelings of abandonment, rejection, and criticism is not helping you in any way. You might be the ‘nice ‘person, but by avoiding the conflict with others an inner conflict continues as we are not true to ourselves. Harriet B. Braiker says: The disease to please creates a...

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Zijn wie je bent

Posted on dec 16, 2016

Er is veel compassie, zachtheid en zorg nodig om CVS/ME,  Lyme. elk energieprobleem, te kunnen dragen. Liefde is wat je leeft. Alles wat niet gebaseerd is op liefde voelen we als vernauwing in ons systeem. Zowel onze niet- liefdevolle gedachten als de niet-liefdevolle gebeurtenissen om ons heen. Er is geen energie om de pijn van de wereld buiten ons systeem te houden. Compassie voor anderen en onszelf kan het hanteerbaar maken, maar het liefst omgeven we ons continue met harmonie. We zoeken naar oprechtheid, transparantie, openheid, goedheid, intrinsieke motivatie van anderen. Relaties met...

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