Gupta - Amygdala Retraining Programme

Welcome to my practice LIEF Coaching & Advice. I coach people who suffer from chronic fatigue due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME or other conditions. In my coaching I use the Gupta program as a basis, this self -help program with it’s global clinic based in Londed, is specialised in treating post viral chronic fatigue, CFS/ME, fibromyalgia, MCS, IBS and related condition since 2001. The program gives a lot of insight what is actually happening in our body and mind and has a holistic approach to healing from these conditions.

About the Gupta program

People who experience chronic fatigue most often experience a host of other abnormalities which raises the question if there isn’t a central abnormality which affect all systems in the body? Within the Gupta program this is explained through the theory that the brain, who is responsible for the stressresponses in our body, gets stuck into a chronic state of hyper-arousal (a fight, flight, freeze.. or other stress responses), using all the body’s stored energy which causes exhaustion and many other stympoms like brain fog, cognitive problems, gut issues, and depletion of chemicals. It is often due a virus/bacteria infection, emotional/mental or physical stressor that the amygdala starts to overreact. As the amygdala is in communication with the immuunsystem and the nervoussystem, these 2 systems start to work out of balans too, which can bring the body in a negative spiral, causing more symptoms. The program focusses on interrupting the stress-cycle and learning to return back home, back into our natural relaxed state, beingness.

The program can be helpful for many ‘Neuro-Immune Conditioned Syndromes’ or NICS. These include ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fribromyalgie, Anxiety, IBS and many other conditions. Read about the different conditions here. And click here for post viral fatigue after Covid:

The program has a: 

  • Pased and compassionate approach to healing
  • As a neuroplasticity program has a Radomized Controlled Trial, scientifically proven it’s efficiacy. For research click here
  • It teaches how to get well and how to stay well
  • Neuroplasticity techniques are combined with holistic health practices
  • We recognise that patients have a history of trauma

The coaching

During the coaching I will use visualization techniques, mindfulness, NLP, inner-child work or parts therapy, enery healing and many simple health practices from the Program. The coaching focusses on the following topics:

  • How to apply and deepen the amygdala retraining techniques
  • How to work with your symptoms
  • How to work with other life stressors (non -symptoms)
  • Calming down the nervous system
  • Awareness of trauma 
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Taking back your power: self-esteem and inner-trust
  • High sensitivity
  • Lifestyle (food, sleep, movement)
  • How to navigate through life with a reduced amount of energy
  • Motivation and support

Fees and practical information 

Do you want to start coaching? you can email to liefcoaching@gmail.com and ask for a 15-minute free introduction call or session with Skype, Teams or Google Meet. You will receive an intake form to fill in. The questions form the foundation of a 15 min free call or your first coaching session.

Coaching fees are dependent on your and your partner’s income together (check the chart below). Fees are in euro’s, check the current currency for dollars and pounds. After the session you will receive an invoice and you can pay your invoice via your bank, (transfer)Wise or PayPal. The fees below do not include any transfer fees.

* Cancellation policy: please give me 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend, otherwise unless there are extenuating circumstances I charge the full fee of the missed session.







About Paulien

As a kid, I contracted a tick bite in primary school and two years later EBV. The following years my energy would slip away. The chronic fatigue, which was only one of my many symptoms, had an immense influence on my transition from childhood to adulthood and raised many questions about health and life. It would take me over a decade when finally my health started to improve and many different efforts would keep me going in the right direction for the years to come.

I have always sought answers about my health. Healing was needed in many different areas like my gut, toxic inner and outer environment, viruses that were having free reign in my body and stress reaction that seem to be triggered by everything. There was also healing needed in my self-esteem, reconnection with my intuition, learning to respect and value my instincts, thoughts, and feelings.

The Gupta Program was a big part of my healing journey and since 2013 I’m part of the brain retraining team as an official coach. Besides my work for the Gupta Program I organize retreats.

My background is in Social Psychology (MSc). After my studies, I followed many courses in NLP, EFT (Dawson Church), mindfulness and meditation. Especially Caroline Myss have been of great inspiration to me. Besides my work as a coach, I’m a Healing Touch practitioner. Healing Touch is a biofield therapy, which is focused on the chakra system and the human aura. Energy healing has given me a lot of insight about the energetic side of physical and emotional disease, and it has also given me more insight into my own intuition. I live with my partner in the Netherlands. 

N.K. (USA)
Paulien is truly wonderful to work with. She is very professional in handling everything, as well as delightful to speak with. I especially appreciate and am impressed with how well she listens to exactly what I need and meets me there. There is acceptance and understanding for where I am in my process, and she is gifted with coming up with guidance specific to me to help me move forward.
Andrew S. (UK)
Paulien has been invaluable at leading me towards a full recovery using the Gupta technique. She has an incredible ability to see what I can’t see. There have been so many blind spots in my technique- on multiple occasions I think I’ve got it all down and figured out, only for her to catch an off hand remark I have made that has highlighted a significant area that I have been ignoring. There are a lot of tools in the toolkit of Gupta and recovery, and without someone like Paulien I think I would have been leaving half the tools unused- and this is despite reading the Gupta book and attending the webinars twice!
S. (USA)

When I felt well enough to leave the house, I attended a weekend workshop with Ashok in New York.  So I “knew” the protocol and even got to meet Ashok. But working with you on an individual basis makes it real and personalized.  You give so much more that I ever could have received just through the Gupta program. You have a calming presence that I very much appreciate — and not only because I’m high strung most of the time : ) .   Having CFS is so scary and our sessions made my day-today life, with all its unknowns, less scary, gave me hope and therefore I experienced much less anxiety. Despite the physical symptoms and anxiety around it all, you made me realize there is always a calm place from which to examine things, recognize my competing parts and retreat.  I wouldn’t have realized that on my own.