Gupta - Amygdala Retraining Programme

Welcome to my practice LIEF Coaching & Advice. I coach people who suffer from chronic fatigue symptoms due to CFS/ME, burn-out, Lyme or other causes. In my coaching I prefer to use the Amygdala Retraining Program of Ashok Gupta. This program is a self-help programme for people who have CFS/ME, fibromyalgia, MCS and related conditions. From my perspective, the program is an important ingredient in everyone’s personal healing journey.

The Amygdala Retraining Program focusses on retraining parts of the brain that are responsible for the fight/flight and freeze reaction. Due a virus/bacteria infection, emotion/mental or a physical stressor the amygdala can start to overreact which disrupts the working of the immune system and nervous system, with the consequence that many bodily processes start to work out of balance as well. This causes many different symptoms, from digestive and sleep issues to severe fatigue, brain fog, physical and cognitive problems.

The coaching

During the coaching I will use visualization techniques, mindfulness, NLP, inner-child work and many simple practices and tools from the Amygdala Retraining Program. The coaching focusses on the following topics:

  • How to apply and deepen the amygdala retraining techniques
  • How to work with your symptoms
  • How to work with other life stressors (non -symptoms)
  • Calming down the nervous system
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Taking back your power: self-esteem and inner-trust
  • High sensitivity
  • Lifestyle (food, sleep, movement)
  • How to navigate through life with a reduced amount of energy
  • Motivation and support

Fees and practical information 

Do you want to start coaching? you can email to liefcoaching@gmail.com and ask for a 15-minute free introduction Skype call or a session. You will receive an intake form to fill in. The questions form the foundation of a 15 min free call or your first coaching session.

Coaching fees are dependent on your and your partner’s income together (check the chart below). Fees are in euro’s, check the current currency for dollars and pounds. Because of the low levels of energy or financial reasons it is possible to have a session that is less than an hour. At the beginning of the first month after your coaching session, you will receive an invoice and a request to pay the invoice with your bank, TransferWise or PayPal. The fees below do not include any transfer fees.

* Cancellation policy: please give me 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend, otherwise unless there are extenuating circumstances I charge the full fee of the missed session.

About Paulien

As a kid, I contracted a tick bite in primary school and two years later EBV. The following years my energy would slip away. The chronic fatigue, which was only one of my many symptoms, had an immense influence on my transition from childhood to adulthood and raised many questions about health and life. It would take me over a decade when finally my health started to improve and many different efforts would keep me going in the right direction for the years to come.

I have always sought answers about my health. Healing was needed in many different areas like my gut, toxic inner and outer environment, viruses that were having free reign in my body and stress reaction that seem to be triggered by everything. There was also healing needed in my self-esteem, reconnection with my intuition, learning to respect and value my instincts, thoughts, and feelings.

The Gupta Program was a big part of my healing journey and since 2013 I’m part of the brain retraining team as an official coach. Besides my work for the Gupta Program I organize retreats for people with chronic energy problems.

My background is in Social Psychology (MSc). After my studies, I followed many courses in NLP, EFT (Dawson Church), Mindfulness and meditation. Especially Caroline Myss have been of great inspiration to me. Besides my work as a coach, I’m a Healing Touch practitioner. Healing Touch is a biofield therapy, which is focused on the chakra system and the human aura. Energy healing has given me a lot of insight about the energetic side of physical and emotional disease, but has given me also more insight into my own intuition. I live both in the Netherlands and in France and work mainly online.