Boundaries (ENG)

Posted on jan 16, 2018

Boundaries (ENG)

Mental and emotional boundaries

When energy issues are prevalent from childhood there can be a sense of overwhelm with life. The world is perceived as ‘much’ or ‘difficult’ and there is a lot of insecurity about how to navigate through it. The world feels like something that can easily hurt you and there is a constant sense of vulnerability. Whatever the cause, it usually results in a lack of mental and emotional boundaries. 

People with strong boundaries understand that you yourself determine that you’re good enough. You realise you would become an emotional mess if you take everyone else’s opinion into account. When you can create a clear boundary between yourself and others, you are less likely to experience pain and rejection. Disagreeing is OK, because you know you don’t need to share the same opinion.

When you struggle to set boundaries, you let other people’s opinions penetrate your own belief system instead of seeing the other’s opinion as something that belongs to him or her. This makes you vulnerable, as your self-esteem, self-respect and self-love are now easily influenced and affected by the outside world because you let others decide whether you are good enough. In that sense you aren’t taking sole responsibility for your own self-worth and because of that, you can lose it.

It is important to understand that you need boundaries in order to ensure that you are the only one who defines you. Which gives you the possibility and also the challenge to be extremely loving to every aspect of who you are, both your strengths and weaknesses. In this ability to embrace all aspects of yourself you can find a sense of protection and safety.

The topic of boundaries is particularly relevant for people with energy issues, as creating boundaries can help you build and protect your self-esteem. And you’ll be surprised how much strength and energy self-esteem can generate.


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